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September 2nd 2016

The first in a series of fantasy/adventure wrestling shows at The Sacred Square! The EarthBound series will follow the adventures of ◐ ◑ LILAC and ULA ◐ ◑: two superbeing Spirit Sisters from Venus, who are now learning about human concepts of justice, and how to fight for this gorgeous and confusing Earth. The battles they get into will inspire endless lessons and the characters they encounter will spark endless questions, anywhere from hilarious to heartbreaking.

This show will feature:

 The Guardian 
...of a faraway Diamond Planet, her body formed from diamonds... no one has gotten CLOSE to defeating her in battle yet!

∑⇔ MadSi ⇔∑
a human physicist, a genius who has reclaimed this demeaning nickname people have thrown at him for refusing to think inside the Science box!

✩ The HIPstar ✩
a clueless human searching for a certain dimensional portal; he may be getting into more than he can handle this time...

the disembodied spirit of parties past, who isn't about to let a couple of Venusian femmes, or anyone, take over "his" space!

Band : 

Douce Angoisse

DJ : 


Projection visuals : 

Guy Mark Lifshitz

Sound artist: 

Vieux Néant

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