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The Pathway to your own Mythology: Connecting with your Inner Allies (& Monsters….)



In this series of workshops, Earthbound shares their unique approach to building a personal mythology geared towards inner attunement and creation. Using techniques of radical listening and active imagination exercises, participants are guided on a journey where they can discover personal objects of power and meet their inner allies and perhaps even their inner monsters! 

During the workshops, there are moments of quiet laying or sitting down interspersed with writing, drawing and movement that allow participants to share and express their discoveries with the group. By connecting with these inner characters and uncovering hidden sources of strength, wisdom and insight, this mythology building workshop challenges the dominant narratives of the eternal struggle that is central to the Hero’s Journey.

This approach has been used by Earthbound members to help create other-worldly characters and bizarre sci-fi storylines that are the foundation of our live shows. It is also profoundly transformative on a personal level, shaping how we care for ourselves and others. 

It is our joy to share these creative tools with you, whether you are a performer or not!!

Past workshops: 

●  Pathways Towards Your Inner Mythology. Maillages Rencontre Féministe. L'Académie, Sainte Émelie de L’Énergie. August 26, 2018

●  Pathways Towards Your Inner Mythology. L’indiscipline Festival d’Arts 2SLGBTQ+. Gaspésie. September 7, 2018

●  Pathways Towards Your Inner Mythology. Midnight Kitchen Collective. Montréal. June 21, 2019

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