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July 14 2018

After a catastrophic and chaotic cosmic voyage, your favourite Venusian wrestlers, Lilac and Ula, have landed back on Earth! This time, they are looking for that pesky quantum engineer who has thrown an inter-dimensional wrench in their plans: Mad Si. But for Lilac and Ula to complete their mission and entrap Mad Si, they must first face off with some unexpected opponents:

The recently enraged steward of Mercury’s delicate ecosystems: MasterMind!

The rabble-rousing intergalactic hitchiker, UpShot!

And MadSi's demonic shadow spirit, who makes things way more dangerous… Watch out for Maredes!

How will Lilac and Ula handle all these unknowns? The rad humans of Shazam Fest will find out how the Spirit Sisters call upon the resources of the surrounding forest to prevail! Come see the Spirit Sisters continue wrestling with inter-planetary forces and Earthly life. Stay for the camping, music, circus, and burlesque.

**!all ages!**

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